What Can AI Do Today?


What can AI do today? Well, let’s put it to the test. You have your smartphone, you have a AI assistant – what are you going to do? How about if you have a pair of super smart headphones? They have an AI assistant that can translate your brain into text, that’s amazing isn’t it?

With new inputs coming from your brain through the headphones, it can compose articles for you, write a report for you, play music and videos, compose a speech – all of these tasks can be completed by your AI assistant with absolutely no human assistance. The beauty of such technologies is that they are completely automated. No more having to write long emails, write reports and repeat boring conversations. With artificial intelligence in place, there is now only one thing you need to do: use the headphone to make calls, send messages or browse the web. In short, your assistant will do everything you do, except for actually making those things for you!

This is one interesting application of artificial intelligence I’d like to take a closer look at. As project managers, we often lose track of deadlines, targets, scope changes and the constant juggling of resources. Such an approach can prove very taxing to project managers. To remedy such a problem, the developers of AI project management software came up with an ingenious idea. Basically, all data collected by your AIs will form the basis of project plans and scheduling.

Another application is to use your ai systems to make sure the project gets done on time. With the data obtained from your ai systems, project managers can see if there are issues cropping up that are preventing them from fulfilling their goals and objectives. For example, if they see that certain tasks are taking too much time to complete, then they can make sure to prioritize them and shorten their tasks. The same thing applies to projects that need to be moved to another department, as well. If they see that certain tasks are taking too long, project managers can move these tasks to other departments and save on costs and manpower.

What can AI do today? With a more accurate way of predicting future tasks, and by collecting more data than what is required, artificial intelligent project management tools will be able to provide project managers with more timely and accurate information, which will in turn, save them a whole lot of time. Such tools will also enable them to prioritize tasks, and eliminate unnecessary tasks.

As mentioned earlier, a good example of an ai system is one called the Six Sigma. It uses statistical analysis to analyze quality parameters and determine how to improve the company’s production processes and performance. It evaluates processes, products, and even employees to determine if they are meeting quality goals. Once this process has been determined, it then designs new processes or products that will meet or exceed customer requirements.

Another example is the work of David P. Norton and Anthony J. Kastan, authors of A Guide to Artificial Intelligence: Design, Testing, and Optimization of Artificial androids ( Cambridge University Press, 2021). This book provides an accessible guide to project management, discussing such topics as scheduling, managing change, implementing quality management, and identifying project goals and objectives. Project managers can also take advantage of tools such as problem solving services. These services help project managers effectively and efficiently solve problems and meet deadlines, as well as identifying bottlenecks and maximizing productivity.

In conclusion, it appears that there are many areas where technology can benefit human intervention. The field of AI project management is just one of them. Project managers and others involved in such endeavors should continue to examine current methods and obtain additional knowledge. Doing so will inevitably provide greater success and possibly prevent future failed ventures.


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